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Stock up on these natural immune-boosting foods to enjoy all seasons alike.

Let’s talk about six whole foods for super-charged immunity.

When it comes to your immune health, food can be significant support or a serious liability. So cut down on processed foods and sugars and stock up on these natural immunity boosters to enjoy winter with fewer sniffles.

Raw Garlic

Ever tried eating a raw garlic clove? It may be difficult—and require a chaser—but there’s plenty of wisdom in it. The active component that raw garlic is especially rich in, called allicin, is scientifically recognized as an effective cold prevention supplement.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate (70% cocoa content or higher) doesn’t just make you feel good when you’re eating it. Its high levels of the antioxidant, theobromine, can support your immune system fight free radicals. This means you are less vulnerable to disease in general when you enjoy this sweet treat.


It probably comes as no surprise that tangy, citrusy oranges and orange juice are effective immunity-boosting foods.

Vitamin C, of course, is the key to its potent anti-cold effects. That’s because, in addition to strengthening your immunity, vitamin C appears to shorten the amount of time you will suffer from symptoms and hasten the recovery process.


Did you know that turmeric’s health benefits are among the most scientifically supported of all foods? This distinctive bright orange spice is filled with curcumin, a well-known antioxidant and anti-inflammatory compound. A hot cup of turmeric tea or latte with an optional hint of honey and ginger is the best dose of TLC for your immune system.


Dark leafy greens are always a good idea for supporting immune health, but spinach, in particular, is a powerful wellness aid. That’s because it boasts a wide array of antioxidants and nutrients, including vitamins A, E and C.


Want food that will provide exceptional immune health support? Reach for blueberries. Their high levels of the flavonoid, anthocyanin, are the key to this benefit. By consuming these fruits, you may lower your chances of suffering respiratory and digestive tract infections, heart disease and other health conditions related to ageing. 

There are countless innovative ways to incorporate these #WholeFoods into your daily diet. Look out for them in our Recipes section. You could whip a quick snack, toss them in your salad, brew a cup of tea, add them to your breakfast smoothie or cook a traditional dish.

Enjoy these six foods in whichever way you love and super-charge your immunity!


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