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It’s not all about fasting or juice cleanses. Spring cleaning your eating routine means featuring whole, unprocessed foods with nutrients that give your body targeted support. Here are 6 foods to spring clean your diet. 


6 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet 

Natural Nut Butters

In order to do a true dietary spring clean, it’s essential to reduce or cut out sugars. To curb cravings for the sweet stuff, try natural nut butter. Almond, peanut, sunflower — reach for whatever you prefer. All are packed with protein and heart-healthy fats that can give you major energy and reduce food cravings. 


Raw Carrots

In the spring, your body needs the nutrients available in fresh fruits and vegetables. In addition, munching on raw foods requires extra chewing, allowing your body to register fullness and avoid overeating. Organic carrots are an excellent option; they’re packed with antioxidizing vitamin A, and their natural sweetness makes them easy to snack on. As a result, carrots are an easy type of foods to Spring Clean Your Diet.

Red Bell Peppers

When you choose brightly coloured foods, you know you’re going to get a vital dose of antioxidants. The same pigment that 6 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet makes red bell peppers so vibrant is the compound that reduces oxidative stress in the body. When you reduce this form of stress, you also reduce your risk of disease and premature ageing. 


In the spring, it’s vital to increase your fluid intake; the winter tends to be a time when many of us don’t hydrate as well as we should. By adding water-rich produce like celery to your diet, you can boost your body’s fluid levels. Plus, the fibre in celery helps promote feelings of fullness. 


Cutting out processed grain-based foods like white bread can go a long way towards supporting more stable energy levels after a lethargic winter. Unprocessed whole grains like farro provide that boost while delivering high levels of protein, iron, magnesium, and fibre. 

6 Foods to Spring Clean Your Diet Kimchi

While you spring clean your diet, let’s not forget to support your gut health with fermented food like kimchi. This spicy Korean dish, made from vegetables like cabbage, is rich in probiotics that feed “healthy bacteria” in your microbiome. You can enjoy kimchi as a side with all of your meals if you like—it’s a tradition in Korea.