Prevention | Education | Credibility

We believe prevention is the best kind of medicine and knowledge is power.

We aim to promote natural living by helping you make informed/educated decisions. Because your health is, and should be, in your hands.

Celebrating 25 years in the Canadian Natural Health industry

We’ve brought like-minded natural health brand partners together to cater to your wellness needs.

VGM offers a 360-degree wellness approach using

Authentic, evidence-based, accredited content

Top-quality health and wellness products

A passionate and efficient team that works with you

Our Values

We deeply echo our values. And so do our partners.


Nature has the best antidotes. We strive to bring products that are organic and natural to your table. With minimum processing and zero adulteration, you buy the purest and best quality goods here.


We try to work with brands that make allergen-free products. These are either manufactured in an allergen-free facility or come with a statutory warning indicating potential allergens.


Our team has LITERALLY put the product catalogue together. Because we sell what we believe in. And we stand by the quality of the curated products. So, WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get)!

Veganism & Animal Welfare

As clean living enthusiasts, we believe in harnessing the goodness of greens. Also, we hold our furry, flying, crawling and hibernating friends closest to our hearts. #CrueltyFree goes without saying.

Family-owned Businesses

As a homegrown publishing brand, we love family-owned businesses. Our partners use the choicest of ingredients, sound scientific wisdom and lots of love, in their formulations.

Ethical and Sustainable

Fairtrade is cardinal and we pledge to support it. Our partners ethically source ingredients from across the globe. They put our planet above all else. We also encourage businesses to package and ship products.

Our Vision

To normalize holistic and mindful living in Canadians. 

Seated at a dining table, a man and woman smilingly look on as a child reaches for food

Our Mission

To empower health-conscious Canadian consumers in making informed buying decisions by creating accessible, unique, authentic and evidence-based health and wellness content.

We believe in and practice diversity and gender equality. We extensively work with small, family-run and women-led businesses across the world to support women’s empowerment in every way.

We strongly support sustainability and planet-positivity. We try our best to do our bit towards fighting climate change, world hunger, health inequity and the global water crisis.

Our Story

Vista Magazine was founded by Trent Nellis
First print issue released in January. 5000 copies distributed through all businesses in Victoria, BC.
Print magazine reaches provincial level
Started serving the flourishing national market
Digitized the publication via
Entered the digital space. Established presence on Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter
Got a design makeover!
Launched Influencer marketing with Vista Ambassador program with 100 Instagram ambassadors in January
Ambassador program continues to evolve as print component continues to shrink.
Creation and launch of and Vista Ambassador affiliate program

Get a sense of how Trent Nellis and his team bridged the gap between health and fitness since 1997.

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