Analysis of Hugo 2

Unlock free spins, wilds, and multipliers with the possibility to win big amounts, and who knows what else awaits you on this thrilling voyage!

Read on for additional information about this risky game, as well as recommendations for where to play it, including recommendations for the top online casinos.

Options for the Hugo 2 Slot

Hugo 2 is a 5-reel, 10-payline video slot that only pays left to right.

The reels feature animations based on a popular 90s video game’s protagonist, a swashbuckling troll from Scandinavia.

In this exciting new slot, you’ll ride a mine trolley on a perilous mission to reclaim a stolen treasure from the wicked witch Afskylia.

Gold bars, bags of cash, and diamonds are the highest paying symbols, followed by cartoonish railway whistles, caps, levers, mining carts, and skull keys.

Hugo himself appears as a wild symbol on the reels, and a winning combination of 5 of these symbols will pay you 75 times your wager.

The wild will help complete winning combinations by replacing any symbol except than the scatter and bonus symbols.There is a beaver scatter symbol and a bonus scatter symbol, which is the witch Afskylia herself, on the reels.

Play Hugo 2 Slots for Free!

If you enjoy free games, keep an eye out for the Beaver symbol, as it is required for the Troll Race Free Spin bonus to begin when it appears on reels 1, 3, and 5.

You start with 10 free spins with this feature, and the Beaver Cleaver random feature can award you with 5 more spins.

This bonus round can be re-activated twice for a total of 10 free games. If you manage to activate it a third time, you’ll gain access to the Skull Cavern Bonus game, a crucial milestone on the road to reclaiming your lost fortune.

During the bonus round, the player has the chance to win two money bags on each spin.

When 4 or more Scatters are collected, 4 additional Wilds will be added to the reels.

In addition, players have the chance to pick up up to two multiplier coins during the free spins bonus round, with four multipliers equaling a whopping four times the normal payout for any one symbol.

Hugo 2: Bonus Content, Skull Cavern

The free spins bonus in Hugo 2 isn’t the only perk, though. The Beaver Cleaver can also activate the Skull Cavern Bonus during these free games.

If Hugo gets 3, 4, or 5 Afskylia symbols, he will receive 1, 2, or 3 more lives, respectively, in this bonus round. In other words, the witch herself will let you into her dark lair.

Once you’ve found a way into the skull cavern, you’ll have to make your way through it to get to the prize room.

Hugo will lose a life if he gets squashed or blown off the pedestals, therefore players get to take a gamble on the best route over them.

Each possible outcome can result in a payout, but if you choose the correct treasure key, find the chest, and retrieve the treasure without losing any of your three lives, your rewards will be multiplied by five!

All the details on Hugo 2’s return to player percentage, betting range, highest payout, and overall volatility.

Hugo 2 slot may be played for as little as 10p each spin up to a maximum of £10, making it accessible to low- and high-stakes players equally.

The slot is quite unpredictable and has a decent return to player percentage of 96.53%.

The slot’s maximum payout is 500,000 coins, and it only becomes available to the heroes who have successfully rescued the stolen treasure from the evil cavern masterminds by triggering the free spins and bonus game features.

Slot bonus for Hugo 2

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The Visual and Aural Treat that is Hugo 2

Hugo 2 slot, like all Play’n Go slots, features a flawless design, with wacky animations spinning against a backdrop of a train track.

Hugo makes cameo appearances early on to introduce himself, and there are cutscenes before the free spins and bonus game in which he travels from cart to cart on his way to the mountain, occasionally turning around to speak to the players.

The music is upbeat, and the sounds of the train whistles and money clinking together as you win are welcome interruptions.

Overall, the slot is fun to play and the music and sound effects create an upbeat, adventurous attitude.

Our verdict on the Hugo 2 slot

Even if the free spins feature can be slow to activate and the regular game doesn’t pay out very big rewards, we prefer Hugo 2 to its predecessor.

But once you trigger the slot’s additional features, things really heat up, and the gameplay becomes more interactive and varied.

In the end, the game’s charming gameplay and lovable troll make it nearly impossible to put down.

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