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Dehydration is common. But it has a more significant impact than you might think.

We all know we need to drink those eight glasses of water a day. But how many of us do? And if we’re not getting sufficient hydration, what does dehydration cost us? 

According to the research: quite a bit. Dehydration fuels fatigue, brain fog, slower metabolism, and conditions like kidney stones. Good hydration, on the other hand, unlocks a serious boost in well-being. 

If you’re consciously or unconsciously suffering from dehydration, this may be for you. Here are three statistics that will probably surprise—and hopefully inspire—you:

1. Dehydration is the Norm

 45% of Canadians drink 4-5 non-water beverages a day, which fuels dehydration. Another study shows that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated; although they typically drink 8 hydrating beverages daily, alcoholic and caffeinated drinks offset this hydration.

2. Thirst (most times) Means Dehydration

As little as 1-2% dehydration has been shown to trigger thirst. That means if you’re thirsty, you’re already dehydrated. Drinking enough water means you should rarely, if ever, experience thirst.

3. Banish Dehydration, Boost Metabolism

Drinking cold water could boost metabolism by as much as 30%, according to one study. The effort the body expends to heat the water causes this uptick in metabolic rate.

The benefits of changing up your habits are more substantial than you might realize. Research proves it too. So, go drink water! NOW!


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