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With the warmer weather on the horizon, spring cleaning is on top of mind — not just within our homes, but our bodies too.

The word “detox” has become all the craze, with many women joining the cleansing movement from juicing diets, supplements, herbs, teas, even colon cleansing or enemas. 

And, although some of these activities may be beneficial to support the elimination of toxins from the body, the truth is, the body is well-equipped to detoxify itself naturally.

How Does the Body Detoxify Itself?

The human body is a phenomenal, systematic machine with the ability to perform specific functions necessary for sustaining life. 

When it comes to the detoxification process, it’s capable of cleansing most toxins through the liver, feces, urine and sweat. The liver is a fundamental component, neutralizing toxic substances and ensuring they’re released from the body. 

Yet, this isn’t to say the body wouldn’t appreciate a little help to ease the burden from dietary and environmental impacts.

How to Support the Detox Process?

There are numerous ways you can naturally aid the body in ridding it of chemicals, toxins and other substances.

Lifestyle and dietary modifications can support the body’s natural detox/purification process, thus boosting the immune system and energy levels and promoting radiant hair, skin and nails. This balances hormones to encourage healthier menstrual cycles, reduces PMS symptoms, and aids with health and weight loss efforts. 

Below is a list of healthy habits our ambassador, Daniela DeFeo, recommends in her coaching practice to naturally detox the body:

Eat Wholesome Foods

Up the ante with nutrient-dense meals and limit consumption of sugar and processed foods. Choose to fill your plate with antioxidant-rich items like blueberries, vegetables and nuts. They promote detoxification by reducing damage caused by free radicals, thus lowering the risk of illness. 

In contrast, overconsumption of highly processed foods can negatively impact vital organs, like the liver and kidneys, that clean and filter waste by-products. 

Limit these foods and replace them with healthier options. 

Sweat It Out

Get moving to help support the elimination of toxins. 

Regular exercise through activities like weight training and cardio benefits the detox process as it encourages the optimal circulation of the blood and lymphatic system and increases sweat production. 

This, in turn, may lower inflammation, aiding the organs to cleanse themselves efficiently to promote the release of toxins. It’s recommended to partake in at least 150 minutes of moderate aerobic activity or 75 minutes of vigorous aerobic exercise a week. 

Consider walking, running, cycling or aerobics class.

Fill It Up!

Keep your bottle topped up with Mother Nature’s purest source, water

Drinking the daily recommended six to eight cups of water a day keeps the kidneys and liver performing at optimal levels. It helps in removing contaminants and salt from the blood and reducing fat deposits in the body.

Water aids in the transportation of waste products by pulling them through urination, sweating and breathing. Make it your go-to beverage of choice over its caffeinated, carbonated or sugar-laden alternatives.

Bed Time

Sleep is an essential component in rejuvenating and cleansing the body. 

Maintaining a healthy circadian rhythm — the body’s sleep/wake cycle — is vital in the detoxification process as many bodily and hormonal functions operate based upon it. 

During shut-eye hours, the purification process kicks in, allowing organs such as the lungs and liver to break down waste and promote blood circulation, thereby ridding the body of unwanted pollutants and excess salts. 

Avoid caffeine and electronics before bed. Dim the lights to get your body prepped for sleep.

Oral Health

Good oral hygiene will control toxin levels in your mouth. Microorganisms live in your mouth — some are good, some are bad. 

However, when the harmful bacteria are not managed through regular brushing, flossing and limiting sugar intake, this can lead to an array of oral health conditions such as bad breath, gingivitis, cavities, and plaque build-up. The bacterial overgrowth and infections in the mouth can travel throughout the body, contaminating it and leading to many other ailments.

Keep your mouth health in check with a daily brushing routine, plus other considerations like tongue scraping and oil pulling, which act to remove toxins from the oral cavity.

Skin Deep

Take care of the largest organ of your body, the skin.

One of the skin’s primary functions is to protect the body from chemicals, bacteria, and temperature. Being the front line of defence can take a toll, so it’s essential to support the body’s abilities to eliminate toxins from these elements. 

Consider dry brushing, which removes dead skin cells from the surface, promotes lymphatic drainage and stimulates circulation

Pay attention to the ingredients list on skincare items containing heavy metals like aluminum and plastic such as polyethylene or polypropylene. Body lotions, soaps, deodorants, even makeup applied regularly are absorbed through the skin, which may have properties that could be toxic.

Opt for organic/natural products made from environment-friendly ingredients or DIY items to curb potential skin exposure.

Implementing healthy lifestyle habits through good body and oral health practices, choosing wholesome foods and staying active help the body in saying good riddance to toxins. 

Our body is a miraculous machine with an integrated system for detoxification and cleansingWe only need to “support and steer” it to get into “auto-clean” mode.

Daniela DeFeo is a published author, health/fitness coach and wellness influencer. Her contributions have been featured in top health/fitness publications, and she works with reputable brands to promote holistic health through content creation and promotions. In her coaching practice, she provides personalized nutrition and fitness programs. Connect with her at @deevitareflections and

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