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Ep 73: Making Strides in the Natural Health Industry with Jennifer Walker

By April 28, 2022No Comments2 min read

If you’re wondering, “How does one become a part of the natural health industry? How can I help others make healthy changes?” Well, this episode is for you! Here in Canada, the natural health industry is influenced by so many amazing women. Joining us today is one such woman. Jennifer Walker is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Prairie Naturals. Tuning in you’ll hear how Jennifer’s passion for nutrition and to help others led her to success in this industry. Whether you like working behind the scenes or being out there in front of people, Jennifer shares some career options and advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the natural health industry. She also sheds light on Prairie Naturals, the company’s history as a shampoo producer, and how it has branched out into superfoods and is growing internationally.  While superfoods don’t always taste great, Jennifer has some creative ideas on how you can disguise different flavours in a range of exciting recipes from cocktails to smoothies and even ice cream. So, for all this and more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Insight into Jennifer Walker’s career and educational background.
  • How Jennifer got her start in the natural health industry by working at a health food store.
  • Jennifer’s advice to anyone interested in pursuing a career in the natural health industry.
  • How you can still help people without having to put yourself in front of them. 
  • Some of the many roles available out there for people interested in health food from communications to quality control and more.
  • An introduction to Prairie Naturals and how it began as a company that created shampoo. 
  • How the company has progressed over the years and is now branching out internationally. 
  • Insight into Prairie Naturals superfood line. 
  • Some of the exciting ways you can consume these superfoods, from cocktails to ice cream.
  • Where you can find the Prairie Naturals recipe book.

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