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Ep 81: Demystifying the World of Sports Nutrition and Supplements with Jim McMahon

By June 23, 2022No Comments2 min read

Do you want to get healthy but find the broad range of supplements confusing? Then this episode is for you! Today, we give listeners the insider scoop and expert advice on sports supplements. Learn which ones are good for pre-workout, post-workout and everything in between. To help us learn more about the subject is Jim McMahon, an industry expert who has over a decade of experience with nutritional supplements and has worked with various major league athletes to help them reach their full potential. In our conversation, we talk about Jim's companies, where protein supplements originated from, why it is better to use a blend of proteins, whether there are suitable plant-based products available, the advantages of fermented options, and the importance of amino acids. We also learn about some new and exciting supplement ingredients, and the fungus that will help your body recover. Tune in to demystify and get an expert guide into the world of sports nutrition and supplements with Jim McMahon!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Outline of today’s topic and background about our guest, Jim McMahon.
  • A brief rundown of Jim’s different companies within the nutrition space.
  • The challenge that athletes have consuming enough protein when training.  
  • What the difference is between isolate and concentrate whey protein.
  • How to find the best plant-based alternative protein for your needs.
  • Jim provides a definitive method for assessing an aspect of nutritional quality. 
  • Find out if branched-chain amino acids can be used for muscle recovery.
  • Whether branched-chain amino acids can be sourced from plants.
  • We discuss some exciting new ingredients that are entering the market. 
  • Where to start for those who are interested in taking supplements.
  • The importance of supplements for non-athletes to improve their health. 
  • Some natural alternatives to traditional electrolyte supplements. 
  • A final takeaway message that Jim has for listeners: keep it simple. 

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