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Do these three things to make your breathwork practice more soothing.

Anxiety so often manifests as a “monkey mind,” filling your consciousness with negative chatter. A mind in overdrive can be so hard to shift into a calmer, more positive place. Fortunately, you have an extremely effective tool for soothing your mind that’s always available to you: your breath

Deep breaths calm an anxious mind because your breathing is intimately linked to your parasympathetic nervous system. When you’re in a dangerous situation, you go into “fight or flight” mode and your breathing becomes faster and shallower. So, by taking intentionally deep, slow breaths, you signal to your nervous system that “all is well.”

Here’s how to make your breathwork practice as effective as possible:

1. Focus On Your Body

Do a check-in with your body. How does it feel? What physical sensations do you register? Find a place where you can be physically comfortable and begin to pay attention to the rhythm of your breath coming in and out of your chest, throat, and mouth. 

2. Ground Down

This is an opportunity to feel and be grounded, literally. Pay attention to the way the ground underneath your feet feels. Imagine that you are growing roots that are sinking deeper into the earth below you. 

3. Breathe Deeper

Try to keep lengthening the time it takes to inhale and exhale. If it helps to count in your head, do so. Imagine that your breath is slowly, gracefully flowing down a tube the width of a slender straw growing in a field. Keep breathing slowly and intentionally for about three minutes. 

Anxious or not, we’ve forgotten (or ignored) that we are an ocean of serenity and peace. Our breath is designed to be the most effective and accessible tool for us to travel inwards and dive deep into this ocean.

Slow down and mind your #Breath to calm your anxious mind. That’s all it takes, always took and will always take, to reconnect with your soul. Try these techniques to make your breathwork gentle and mindful.

You’ll thank yourself.