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Practice the Wim Hof method's three pillars to release stress and grow stronger.

The Iceman, Wim Hof’s story—and the method that came from it—can be life-changing. Now known as a world-class athlete and holder of 21 Guinness World Book Records, Hof was once a deeply traumatized widower. But he discovered that he could heal himself when he spent time in cold conditions, using breathwork to withstand his discomfort. 

Indeed, today its benefits are scientifically proven. By using Wim Hof’s method, we can train our bodies and minds to be much more resilient than many of us could imagine. You may not ever climb Mount Kilimanjaro in a pair of shorts like Hof has, but you can gain much higher stress tolerance, stronger immunity, activate your full human potential and much more. 

Here, in brief, are the pillars of Wim Hof’s Method:

1. Breathing

First, doing breathwork can train your mind to withstand the discomfort your body has evolved to endure. Deeply inhale into the belly and out through the mouth 30 to 40 times. Make your breaths powerful but short. If you feel a little light-headed, that’s normal. After the last exhalation, inhale one more time as deeply as possible, then let it out completely. Hold until you need to breathe in again, and then take in another very deep breath, holding it for 15 seconds.

Then repeat the entire cycle up to 3 or 4 times.

2. Cold Therapy

Once you have a good handle on the breathing technique, try exposing yourself to the cold. Start with cold showers, and then perhaps try being outdoors in winter conditions. Many practitioners swear by cold water or ice water dips! Just ensure you’re going at a comfortable pace.

3. Commitment

When it comes to this method, commitment is the glue that holds it together. You must believe that you are capable of enduring adversity to awaken your body’s natural resilience. When you believe you have the mental ability to calm yourself down under stressful conditions, you learn what it is to be strong. Your willpower will, ultimately, increase.

The Wim Hof method unlocks a multitude of benefits, including faster recovery, better sleep, increased energy, enhanced creativity and stronger immunity. While Hof and his team continue to study the science behind this method, it has helped people all over the world manage specific acute and chronic medical conditions.

So how far are YOU willing to go for your #Health?

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