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Feat. simple, budget-friendly and practical hacks that work in any season

With the springtime sun playing peek-a-boo and the blizzards making a hesitant way back home, it’s time to maximize the light in our dwellings. Here are all-natural ways to increase the amount of light in your home. 

Reflective Objects: Mirrors

The more reflective surfaces in your home, the more natural light you will bring inside. Use objects like mirrors to reflect light into your house strategically—hanging them to face windows and double the amount of sunshine that enters your home.

Shiny objects like metallic frames will also do the trick.  

Low VOC Paint

Colours either absorb or reflect light, depending on how dark they are. That’s why pale shades like white and light grey can really amp up the amount of light in a room by reflecting it. 

Plus, painting your ceiling two or three shades lighter than your wall colour can create an impression of more space. This works particularly well in apartments that get no sunlight. So, choose a low or zero-VOC paint that’s easier on the environment and your health.

White Overhangs

Do your home’s overhangs block natural light? 

Eliminate this problem by painting them white or replacing them with white-coloured aluminum overhangs. This will allow more light to be reflected in your home or dark rooms. And because your eaves are angled toward the house, the white paint won’t be visible from the outside.

Wash Windows

It’s incredible what an impact thoroughly washing your windows will have on the brightness inside your home. Removing dirt and dust allows natural light to pass through the glass easily. To clean windows naturally, try a mixture of water and vinegar.

This all-purpose cleaner gets rid of most kinds of stains, blotches and salt deposits on the glass panes.

All it takes is either a few coats of a lighter shade of paint or low-cost decor switches and a fair bit of cleanliness to naturally brighten up those dark corners in your home. In pursuit of creating a well-lit home, you might end up with a bland, colourless space. Make sure you retain elements of your personality and sentiment in the decor to avoid this.

Balance is key—it makes all the difference in making a house your home.