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Fueled by the Vista Global Media Collective Inc., The Natural Health Influencer Podcast aims to provide our listeners with the tools and information needed to create a healthier lifestyle. We focus on everything that falls under these categories:



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Who do I get to listen to?

First, the host: Nutrition expert, author and our beloved friend, Allison Tannis of @deliciouslygeeky.

Allison hosts new guests every week to address questions and concerns about natural health. They are natural health enthusiasts and experts who specialize in a variety of subject matters and are great fun to listen to.

Here’s the introductory trailer episode if you are new to the show:

What’s in it for me?

As our listener, you get a taste of what’s happening in the natural health space, research updates, personal experiences, anecdotes from our guests’ wellness journeys… the list goes on.

Some burning health myths may also be busted!

We believe that prevention is the best kind of medicine and knowledge is power. If you do too, explore our archive and get to know what the experts have to say.

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Latest Podcasts

Ep 76: Changing the Way You Think About Seafood Kim Stockburn

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Seafood is an incredible source of two very important omega fatty acids, EPA and DHA. These fatty acids have a wide range of health benefits, from their anti-inflammatory properties to their ability to enhance your mood! We should be eating more fish, but unfortunately, the commercial fishing industry is largely unsustainable. Today’s guest is part of the drive to change this. Kim Stockburn is the sales and brand manager for Raincoast Trading. Raincoat Trading is not your regular seafood company; their products are all sustainably sourced (as you can tell by the certification proudly displayed on their packaging), and because of the way they are packaged, they hardly give off any smell! They are perfect for school lunches, weekend hikes,…

Ep 75: Switching to a Plant-Based Diet with Melissa Amato Part 2

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Be warned: today’s episode is going to make you drool! In part two of my discussion with Health And Wellness Coach, Melissa Amato, she shares the inside scoop on some recipes which will help you make the switch to a (more) plant-based diet. Missy takes us on a journey from breakfast to dinner and dessert, explaining the health benefits of everything from chia seeds to jackfruit. If you’re worried about what you’re going to put on your barbeque, worry no longer! If you have a sweet tooth and can’t stand the thought of giving up chocolate (like me), Missy has a solution! Whatever your reason for switching to a plant-based diet, the recipes in this episode will keep your taste…

Ep 74: Switching to a Plant-Based Diet with Melissa Amato Part 1

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With rising concerns about the environment, as well as the health risks associated with excessive consumption of red meat, it’s no wonder that there’s been a global trend towards plant-based diets. Making the shift to plant-based meals can be intimidating though, and feeling overwhelmed can stop many people from pursuing this substantial lifestyle change. That’s where today’s guest Melissa Amato comes in. Melissa is a Health And Wellness Coach with first-hand experience of what it’s like to make the transition to a plant-based diet. Her blog, Wellness with Missy, is packed with quick, delicious, and inspiring recipes that have helped countless people transition to regular plant-based meals. Tuning in, you'll hear Melissa’s tips on how to take the first step…

Ep 73: Making Strides in the Natural Health Industry with Jennifer Walker

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If you’re wondering, “How does one become a part of the natural health industry? How can I help others make healthy changes?” Well, this episode is for you! Here in Canada, the natural health industry is influenced by so many amazing women. Joining us today is one such woman. Jennifer Walker is the VP of Sales and Marketing at Prairie Naturals. Tuning in you’ll hear how Jennifer’s passion for nutrition and to help others led her to success in this industry. Whether you like working behind the scenes or being out there in front of people, Jennifer shares some career options and advice for anyone interested in pursuing a career in the natural health industry. She also sheds light on…

Ep 72: Gut Health and Travelling With Food Intolerances, with Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio

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Joining us today to provide insight into how to live a full life with food allergies and gut-related issues are Anthony and Staci Lo Cascio.

Ep 71: Gaining Body Freedom to Overcome Emotional Eating with Amber Romaniuk

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Joining us for this important conversation is special guest Amber Romaniuk who has gained and lost over 1000 pounds.