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Fueled by the Vista Global Media Collective Inc., The Natural Health Influencer Podcast aims to provide our listeners with the tools and information needed to create a healthier lifestyle. We focus on everything that falls under these categories:



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Who do I get to listen to?

First, the host: Nutrition expert, author and our beloved friend, Allison Tannis of @deliciouslygeeky.

Allison hosts new guests every week to address questions and concerns about natural health. They are natural health enthusiasts and experts who specialize in a variety of subject matters and are great fun to listen to.

Here’s the introductory trailer episode if you are new to the show:

What’s in it for me?

As our listener, you get a taste of what’s happening in the natural health space, research updates, personal experiences, anecdotes from our guests’ wellness journeys… the list goes on.

Some burning health myths may also be busted!

We believe that prevention is the best kind of medicine and knowledge is power. If you do too, explore our archive and get to know what the experts have to say.

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Latest Podcasts

Ep 83: Brain Health with Matthew Bennett

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We tend to think a lot about mental health and often overlook brain health. Well, not today! If you've ever felt like your brain is lacking energy, if you are worried about neurodegenerative diseases like Alzheimer's or Parkinson's, or perhaps you’ve had a few concussions, then this is the episode for you! Today, we are joined by Matthew Bennett, the brains behind Brain Evolve. Matthew has extensive experience as an athletic therapist working with professional athletes.  When he started to recognize common patterns among concussion survivors, he became interested in brain health and developed the supplement Brain Evolve. Today, he sheds light on how brain health differs from mental health, what we can do to nourish our brain health, how…

Ep 82: There Is No Weed Like Seaweed with Courtney Howell

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It is time to start living your better life, and seaweed can help you do it! Believe it or not, seaweed has what it takes to alleviate a range of health issues as well as cosmetic benefits. In fact, scientific studies have shown the massive health benefits that seaweed has to offer but is it probably more complicated than you think. Here today to talk everything seaweed with us is Courtney Howell, brown seaweed lover and co-founder of 7 Fathoms Skin Care which creates seaweed-based healthcare products. Courtney and her husband first became interested in seaweed after a storm caused seaweed to wash up along a cove near their home. They noticed a gel-like substance on the fronds when their…

Ep 81: Demystifying the World of Sports Nutrition and Supplements with Jim McMahon

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Do you want to get healthy but find the broad range of supplements confusing? Then this episode is for you! Today, we give listeners the insider scoop and expert advice on sports supplements. Learn which ones are good for pre-workout, post-workout and everything in between. To help us learn more about the subject is Jim McMahon, an industry expert who has over a decade of experience with nutritional supplements and has worked with various major league athletes to help them reach their full potential. In our conversation, we talk about Jim's companies, where protein supplements originated from, why it is better to use a blend of proteins, whether there are suitable plant-based products available, the advantages of fermented options, and…

Ep 80: Food is Food with Noelle Martin

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If you are the parent or caregiver of a fussy eater, this episode is going to change your life! So much we thought we knew about mitigating fussy eating is wrong, and today’s guest, Noelle Martin, is here to share strategies that actually work. If you’ve been using certain foods as rewards for eating other foods, or pressuring your children to eat, don’t feel guilty, we’ve all done it! But those approaches have been shown to actually have negative effects. In this episode, you will learn how to instill the concept of “food is food” in your children and work within their parameters to make eating a more enjoyable process for them and for you. Mealtimes can be a major…

Ep 79: Creating Your Own Permaculture Oasis (Even if You Don’t Have a Garden!) with Angela Ferraro-Fanning

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Conventional agriculture isn’t working; it’s time to go back to our roots! Angela Ferraro-Fanning is a permaculture farmer, which means she grows produce in a holistic and ecologically balanced way that mimics nature. In today’s episode, Angela explains how this approach (which is gaining traction across the world) allows soil, plants, and animals (including humans) to thrive. Angela grows a wide variety of produce on her farm and her “co-workers” range from honey bees to horses. Through her commitment to acting in alignment with nature, Angela has managed to get to the point where her farm is absorbing more carbon from the atmosphere than it is emitting! Don’t have a backyard? No problem! Angela also explains how you can create…

Ep 78: Beating the Bloat with Shannon Babic

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If you ever struggle with bloating, this episode is for you! Today we are joined by expert digestive health holistic nutritionist Shannon Babic to help you beat the bloat and feel great in your body again. In this episode, she explains what bloating is, the difference between “regular” bloating and chronic bloating, and some of the many common foods that trigger it. Shannon also sheds light on how you can discover the cause of your bloating, discusses whether or not you should take digestive enzyme supplements, and gives some other tips on how to prepare your digestive system before a large meal. You’ll also discover a clever test that you can do at home to help you figure out if…