Detox Organics Vanilla Weight Loss Daily Protein 1.28 lbs


This great-tasting vanilla protein shake is a fantastically healthy treat! Made from only the purest real-food ingredients, this Vanilla Weight Loss Shake provides a convenient, nutrient dense/low calorie liquid meal!


This great-tasting vanilla weight loss protein shake is a fantastically healthy and delicious treat! Made from only the purest ingredients, it provides lots of nutrient, while still being a low calorie meal!

How to use Vanilla Weight Loss Shake

It mixes well with just about everything! It tastes great on its own too! For example try it with ice cold water, or any dairy free milk.

Likewise, on training days, Daily Protein is great post-workout. Additionally, to replace a meal with nutrients that are low calorie, try adding a scoop of Detox Organics. But, be sure you are getting the right amount of protein every day.

Warning: You may start to crave this shake as it tastes like s’mores! Good news is that you can enjoy it guilt free as it’s made from all real food ingredients! It also has less than 1g of naturally occurring sugar total!

Why this Protein is the best

This plant-based protein uses the highest quality grade proteins. Above all, it is all USDA Organic, contains no artificial colors, flavors, or preservatives. Unlike most protein shakes, this protein powder is refreshing and light.

Your body AND your taste buds will quickly feel the difference.

This formulation contains four different protein sources. Additionally, it contains electrolytes and healthy fats which help your body recover quickly and keep you hydrated.

Main Protein used:

Daily Protein is made with hemp, pumpkin seeds, brown rice and quinoa. It is also one of the cleanest protein supplements on the market! Moreover, it is also non-GMO, and free from artificial ingredients.

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