Natural Calm Magnesium Citrate Powder Sweet Lemon Flavour 8oz



Natural Calm is the better-tasting, better-absorbing, best-loved magnesium drink! Magnesium helps to:

  • Calm stress & regulate mood
  • Promote a deeper, more restful sleep
  • Relax muscles
  • Support heart health, metabolism & more

Everyone needs magnesium! It’s an essential mineral that’s critical to the health of every organ, muscle, bone, blood vessel, nerve, and each cell of your body.

Yet most of us don’t get enough. That’s why symptoms of low magnesium are so common, including irritability, depression, anxiety, insomnia, tension, cramps, pain and more.

Natural Calm makes it easier — and more delicious — to get enough magnesium.

  • Never chalky, lumpy, or fake-sweet, Natural Calm tastes like a soothing fruit tea, with nothing artificial added and no sugar
  • Fast-acting, Natural Calm is proven to be more absorbable than other leading magnesium supplements, so you feel the calm quickly
  • Trusted since 1982, Natural Calm is a top-selling magnesium supplement not only in Canada, but globally (and everywhere it’s sold, customers rave about the results)

Natural Calm is made from simple, pure ingredients:

Magnesium from deep in mineral-rich waters of the ocean. Citric acid from beets sourced from Belgium. Organic fruit flavours and the naturally calorie-free herbal sweetener, stevia.

The only ingredients in our sweet lemon magnesium powder are:

  • Natural Calm’s proprietary magnesium citrate (made from magnesium carbonate + citric acid)

  • Organic natural lemon flavour

  • Organic stevia

Citric acid combined with magnesium carbonate dissolved in liquid creates magnesium citrate, one of the most absorbable forms of magnesium available. (3x better absorbed than magnesium oxide.)

Natural Calm is verified non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, and kosher. It’s also soy-free, sugar-free, free from artificial colours, preservatives, and sweeteners

Natural Calm is easy to take! And it’s flexible.

You can add our magnesium drink mix to smoothies, juices, herbal teas… You can drink Natural Calm hot or cold, with or without food. And it’s great in the morning, afternoon, or at night!

You don’t have to worry about “doing it wrong”… Just follow these guidelines:

  1. Natural Calm becomes absorbable faster when dissolved in hot water. If you’re going to drink it right away, first dissolve it in boiling water. Then, you can drink it as a hot tea or cool it down.

  2. For less fizz, add a small amount of hot water on top of the powder. Measure out the Natural Calm into your cup first and then add a small amount of hot water (about ¼ cup) just to cover and dissolve the magnesium citrate. This reduces the effervescence to a fun, manageable amount of fizz.

  3. Remember that Natural Calm is like lemon. It’s a “citrate”, which means it has a touch of tartness. You can add it to nearly anything as long as you keep in mind that it acts like lemon. (Keep it out of your milk and probably out of your coffee, too!)

It’s chemistry!  When citric acid (from beets) and magnesium carbonate (from the ocean) combine in hot water to form magnesium citrate, the fizz is carbon dioxide. That’s right, it’s CO2 being released from your cup.

You’ll know the transformation is complete when the fizzing has settled and the Natural Calm is crystal clear, not cloudy.

There’s no harm in drinking Natural Calm before the CO2 fizzes entirely away. You’ll get more out of Natural Calm, though, if you give it a moment to finish transforming into magnesium citrate.

So, relax and watch the bubbles… then, feel the CALM!

Your magnesium needs are unique. You may need a bit more or less than average based on factors including:

  1. Your diet: The best sources of magnesium are unrefined plant foods, and most people don’t get enough. If your diet includes processed foods, alcohol, caffeine, sugars, and even animal proteins, you may need more magnesium.
  2. Your lifestyle: Stress, exercise, sweat, and some medications can increase your need for magnesium every day. If you take a calcium supplement, you may need more magnesium.
  3. Your size, gender & age: Every cell in your body needs magnesium, and bigger, taller people do need more magnesium. Men tend to need more, but women are more often deficient and need more during pregnancy.

To help with magnesium deficiency, start with a dose of Natural Calm at the lower end of the range for your age and stage and gradually increase.