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Research shows us that a great belly laugh is, indeed, the best medicine.

“Laughter is the best medicine”—add this to the list of clichés that exist for an excellent reason. Indeed, a good, deep, hearty laugh has the power to stimulate fantastic health outcomes. 

Because laughter is traditionally experienced in the context of community, it’s linked with stronger social connections. The body associates laughter with positive, safe social environments. That’s why a good laugh can trigger physical changes that occur when we’re with “good people.”

These physical changes drive stronger immunity, better moods, decreased pain, and lower stress. All of that adds up to a healthier you. Here are three statistics revealing just how powerful and real benefits of laughter are:

1. Increases Blood Flow

Laughter increases blood flow by 20%. Improved blood flow has many benefits, including better organ health, stronger immunity, and deeper relaxation.

2. Burns Calories

Research has shown that laughing every day for 10 to 15 minutes burns about 40 calories. That translates to about four pounds over the course of a year — not bad for just having fun!

3. Relaxes Your Whole Body

A good laugh could relax your muscles for up to 45 minutes afterwards. Laughter is a scientifically proven tension-releaser and it also soothes the body’s natural stress response. 

What’re you waiting for? Find your circle of “good people,” your tribe, your happy place and get crackin’ up!

‘Cause those 1000 silly jokes may save (at least, alter) lives!


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