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These nutrient-dense foods may correct hormone imbalance in women of all ages and at all stages.

Many women suffer from hormonal imbalances that can sap their energy, happiness, mental focus, and well-being. They may even cause weight gain, acne, and hair loss. These six foods restore hormonal balance, unlocking a better quality of life for women. 


Commonly used as a garnish, this dark-green herb is packed with liver-cleansing antioxidants. The liver is the body’s detoxification powerhouse, and when it’s not functioning well, hormonal imbalance follows. 

Parsley and other dark leafy green vegetables flush the liver and keep your metabolism and hormone production working smoothly.

Salted Almonds

Salted almonds are an excellent source of magnesium and iodine, two nutrients essential for thyroid function. The thyroid regulates metabolism and controls the way your body uses energy. 

Aside from their thyroid-supporting benefits, almonds are sources of heart-healthy fats and plant-based protein. They’re also incredibly versatile — enjoy them in smoothies, oatmeal, or on their own.

Coconut Oil

Fats are critical for maintaining good hormonal health—and coconut oil is one of the best heart-healthy options. 

In fact, without a good level of fat in your diet, stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline can go into over-production. Plus, the medium-chain triglycerides in coconut oil support the production, processing, and maintaining the balance in estrogen and progesterone levels.

Bone Broth

A balanced gut supports balanced hormones. Keep your gut biome populated with the bacteria it needs with probiotic-rich foods like bone broth. Made from animal bones, skin, and other inedible parts that are simmered over time, bone broth is a staple of fine cuisine and paleo diets. 

It’s a source of healing compounds like collagen, glycine, and glutamic acid. Plus, its high gelatin content can strengthen the lining of your gut.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar (ACV) is touted for its high prebiotic content and digestive benefits. Those looking to give their digestion a kick start in the morning drink a mixture of ACV and water—or just ACV for the adventurous! This tangy, sour tonic helps your body convert the protein from food into amino acids, which are the building blocks for hormone creation. 

Try a shot or mix ACV with salad dressings or soups to get that extra dose of hormonal support.

Wild Salmon

Salmon is a hormone-balancing superstar because it is both a high-protein food as well as one of the world’s best-known sources of omega-3 fatty acids.

Once again, heart-healthy fat is key to establishing good hormonal health. And salmon’s omega-3 fatty acids also support brain health, keeping fatigue and fogginess at bay.

Managing hormonal imbalances through good dietary habits is probably the safest and easiest way. Adding these #WholeFoods to your breakfast, lunch or dinner recipes will not just amp up the nutritional value, but also gently nudge your body to course-correct itself.

So, let the healthy fats, proteins and micronutrients in these foods balance the hormones naturally. The results would last longer and may not have as many side effects.


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